APR A01 Flow Formed Wheels


APR A01 Flow Formed Wheels

APR A01铸造轮毂


New Prices, Sizes, and Colors!




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We’re pleased to announce new APR A01 Flow Formed wheels are here! Our catalogue now includes 18’s, 19’s, and 20’s with new width and diameter options, colors, and new lower prices!

我们很高兴为大家宣布,新的APR A01 流动成型铸造轮毂来啦! 新出的轮毂有18寸、19寸和20寸的,宽度和直径大小也和以往不同,而且价格更优惠!



The APR A01 Flow Formed Wheels are manufactured using the latest strengthening and weight savings techniques to provide an attractive solution ready for the street and track. This race inspired wheel design features a curved 5-spoke Y design with a deep outer rim inlay, and weight saving spoke pockets. The A01 is the perfect wheel for anyone who values performance, style and strength at an affordable price. Available now in Hyper Silver, Gunmetal Grey, and Satin Black!

APR A01铸造轮毂采用了最新的加固和轻量化技术,为日常性街道驾驶以及赛道驾驶做好随时的准备。这款轮毂的设计灵感来自于赛道,以5辐Y型设计、深嵌轮缘和减重的辐条凹陷面为特点,对于看重性能、外观风格、强度和性价比的车主来说,A01是一个不二的选择。轮毂有三个颜色可供选择-超银、黑灰色和缎黑色!




Features and Benefits

  • Flow-formed aluminum for an extreme weight to strength ratio at an affordable price

  • Light-weight

  • — 18x8.5 ET45 - 18.5 LBS

  • — 18x9.0 ET40 - 19.8 LBS

  • — 19x8.5 ET45 - 21.0 LBS

  • — 20x9.0 ET42 - 23.6 LBS

  • — 5x112mm bolt pattern fits most Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW vehicles from 2005 and newer

  • Fits both VAG center bores - 66.5mm and 57.1mm

  • Billet aluminum, wobble free, interlocking hub-centric design

  • DOT, VIA, and JWL certified. Additionally 19x8.5 are TÜV Approved an 100% x-ray inspected

  • Compatible with OEM Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW center-caps (VW 7L6601149B & Audi 8T0601170A)

  • Compatible with OEM-style and length ball seat lug bolts

  • Anti-slip machining feature to help prevent tire-to-wheel rotation

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) designed to minimize weight, yet retain a 700 KG load rating

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and 1 year on wheel finish



  • 流动成型铝,重量强度比极高,价格实惠

  • 轻量化

  • — 18x8.5 ET45 - 18.5 磅

  • — 18x9.0 ET40 - 19.8 磅

  • — 19x8.5 ET45 - 21.0 磅

  • — 20x9.0 ET42 - 23.6 磅

  • 5x121mm螺栓,适用于2005年及以后的大多数奥迪、西雅特、斯柯达和大众汽车

  • 适用于两种VAG中心孔-66.5毫米和57.1毫米

  • 钢坯铝材质,联锁轮毂中心设计,不摆动

  • DOT、VIA和JWL认证。另外19x8.5还通过TÜV 和100% x光检查。

  • 与奥迪、西雅特、斯柯达、大众的原厂轮毂中心帽兼容(大众7L6601149B &奥迪8T0601170A)

  • 与原厂式的和长度球座凸耳螺栓兼容

  • 防滑加工有助于防止轮胎与轮毂之间打滑

  • 有限元分析(FEA)旨在使重量最小化,同时保持700公斤的额定载荷





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